MY interest in photography started after getting my first camera for a class in college. My parents bought 2 Yashica cameras as my mother was also interested in capturing memories to fill the photo album. Back then I mainly shoot slides due to cost of developing. About that same time computers were coming of age and I was bound for geekdom.

If it was powered by electricity I had to know about how it worked. With as quick as technology moved I found that trying to keep up made me knowledgeable about so many things but not a master of any one of them.

As technology became digital and I did not have to develop film, I started taking more movies and moved back into photography shooting my children's events.

Sports is where I am enjoying spending my time. There are no mega super stars and children are learning life lessons that will guide them in the future.

Digital photography has become inexpensive enough that you see cameras everywhere so becoming specialized, different then the norm at one form of photography is my goal.

The past few years I have worked for news papers, high schools, colleges (CCAA, NCAA).

I hope to give back to the schools and teams that have allowed me to become better photographer. Please contact me for use of photos.

Doors are opening up who knows where the future will take me.........