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After relocating mid 2014 to Washington we have settled down finding a great community to live in , got the kids back into school and sports, disposed of all those moving boxes finding most of my gear.........

It's time to get back into serious shooting. I didn't stop shooting my kids games keeping the rust away.. But now I need to connect with the community, coaches and schools in the area building relationships and finding what services are needed. 

My first step is joining the MaxPreps team. I have shot next to their photographers for years in California while freelancing for the local paper and have learned allot from my relationship with those photographers. I look forward being part the team. 

Concentrating on a 20 mile radius around the Tacoma area for now I will be capturing events from many local schools. Specific requests can be made on my MaxPrep page to cover select events anywhere in Washington. (more to follow with links to the page)

My first event was the opening season baseball game for Gig Harbor Tides and the Olympic Trojans.


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In the news! https://davisphotoandvideo.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/3/in-the-news- On 3/7/12 five of my pictures were used for the sports section of the Elk Grove Citizen. 
Usually one or two but FIVE....
         Must be in the big leagues now....
                Oh wait a minute my wallet is empty.

But I have a lot of fun taking them. Only one problem, I keep ending up with a lot of Ref butt shots. What is it with those guys, can't they share the court.   :)

(Davis Photo and Video) CIF CIFSJS Elk Grove Jesuit Sheldon https://davisphotoandvideo.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/3/in-the-news- Thu, 08 Mar 2012 03:53:16 GMT
Levitation photography https://davisphotoandvideo.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/2/levitation-photography The title sounds a little spooky....

Today I found some rare free time and while researching strobe photography I ran across a YouTube video demonstrating what they called levitation photography. What it ends up being is taking a photo at a fast frame rate allowing action to freeze giving the impression someone or thing is floating in air.

Sounded like fun so I gathered 2 volunteers and headed for the back yard. The technic is very much like shooting sports and freezing motion except that it is staged. I decided to see if we could make the kids fly around the back yard on broom sticks. Sort of like Harry Potter ish.

Timing is the key. They saddled up and on the count of 3 jumped. With a little coaching on pulling the legs up and leaning forward, the tongue was all Mikaila, we got these shots in less than 15 min.

Test 1 Gabe jumping while leaning forward. Hog Warts1 Test one to get the look Gabe needed to lean forward a little while jumping. 






Hog Warts 2 Mikaila's test jump






Now for the timing shot I counted to three and got this on the second try. 

Hog Warts 3











Had to share this with some friends and Craig over at FPS Photography did a great job of extracting the subjects out and placing them in the clouds. 

Hog Warts tryoutsHog Warts Final











This can be easily duplicated with most cameras.

Now To let the creativity flow and see what else can be levitated. 


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